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About us

Riccarton Baptist Church has been part of the Riccarton Community in Christchurch since the 1940's. It's vision has always been one of community, creating an environment where people love God and love one another. When the first stone of the church building was laid in 1941, the President of the Auxillary, Mr Falla, declared the building open for the worship of God and the Glory of His Name and appealed to the outsider to come back to God and the Christian to live closer in those uncertain times.

The vision is the same today. Riccarton Baptist Church is a 'hub' and meeting place in the community, a beacon of light and hope. We are a multi-ethnic based church that is focused on building Christ-centred relationships across all ages and cultures. We promote opportunities to connect in a variety of ways every day of the week. Whether it's meeting together at our Sunday services or connecting through community events that occur during the week, there's a place for everyone.

our TEAM:
Rachel Sangster


02-personal photo.jpg
Young Woong Kim

Korean Pastor

Geoff Ngataierua

Church Manager

Jono Garratt

Worship Team Leader

Nigel Carter


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